May 4

What didn’t they know in old Greece?

Imagine that in ancient Greece or even in ancient Egypt they also knew such ice cream. Do you say how possible? Simply. That was not the way it was. It was only snow and ice flavored with honey or fruit juice. But the origins and roots were already a long time ago. There are multiple versions, as in the end, genuine authentic ice cream was created. But next time.
Basic formula
The basic formula of this great frozen delicacy is its rigidity. By being icy, this great enjoyment arises. It is made from a mixture of cream or milk, it is, after all, a dairy product, sugar, eggs and additives. Other ingredients, such as fruit, chocolate or vanilla or others, give a great flavor. According to this, we can choose from different species. Nowadays, honest ingredients are a rather exception. Often they are added various additives and flavourings.