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Knee Stem Cells Therapy

The knees and hips are some of the most affected parts of the lower part of the body with many patients seeking joint replacements. Knee problems cause chronic pains and specialists have found regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy as effective ways of treating such problems. Patients with joint pains such as knee pains can be helped to relieve from pains through stem cell therapy. Knee problems have proven to be stubborn to treat and surgery has been the main way of treating these problems until stem cells were introduced as alternatives. When knees are operated on to treat pains and for joint replacement, it is possible to develop other complications later on which makes stem cells a good alternative.

When stem cells are used it is possible to avoid surgery when they appear to be improving and of not surgery can then be undertaken. Based on findings from research, different people show different signs of progress and this means that the treatment should be personalized for each. The body is strengthened and boosted to make it possible to create new tissues to repair worn out tissues through platelets and growth factors found in stem cells. The cells are naturally acquired from the body and help in generating cell signals and nourishment that in return develops new cells to repair the worn-out cells. Stem cells can be modified and used to treat various problems such as degenerative arthritis that causes pain.

There are several factors that can cause degenerative arthritis such as genetic factors, inflammation, unsuccessful surgeries, and others. Avascular necrosis is another condition that is possible to treat through stem cell therapy for pain relief in the knees. It is difficult to know what will happen to patients having avascular necrosis since it leads to the death of cells and the bone. The stem cells also show signs of treating meniscal pains which is usually treated using surgery. Stem cells and regenerative medicine possess properties to help the body perform self repair mechanisms for damaged tissues.

There are different ways of extracting the stem cells including various parts like the bone marrow, fat cells and embryonic cells. In some clinics the stem cells are not extracted from the embryonic cells but rather from the patient’s body tissues. Mesenchymal stem cells are usually extracted from the bone marrow or the fat tissue of the patient. The doctors extract and prepare the stem cells the very same day and then inject them into the specific part with problems. The doctors ensure to analyze each patient and find the most suitable stem cell therapy to use for that specific patient. To ensure the injections reach required parts, the doctors use highly effective equipment for accuracy and guidance.
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